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Meeting Of Minds, Inc. mentoring program provides an opportunity for teenage females to be involved in community service activities, meaningful group discussions, a variety of out of town excursions, exposure to arts and music, outdoor adventure experiences, and other enrichment activities. Meeting Of Minds’ mission is to provide programs and services which empower young females by helping them to develop useful skills, self-esteem, and meaningful friendships, and by involving them in activities which are interesting, challenging, and healthy avenues to self discovery.

Meeting Of Minds mentoring program offers social activities, such as sporting events, museum tours, concerts, theater, etc. Additional programs we offer include: Community Pride and Involvement (i.e. Hands On Atlanta), Athletics, Guest Lectures, and Dialogue Nights. All of the mentoring program activities are aimed at leading teenage females into situations where they can make a positive difference. The mentoring program is open to all teenage females in Duluth, GA and the surrounding communities.

The community can rely on Meeting Of Minds mentoring program to provide an atmosphere in which our growing youth population can explore a diversity of opportunities.

Meeting Of Minds, Inc. is funded by grants, fundraisers and donations. Donations including money, supplies, etc. are also greatly appreciated.

In order to involve your child in the Meeting Of Minds experience, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact:

Meeting Of Minds, Inc.
Suite G137
5805 State Bridge Road
Duluth, GA 30097

Voice Mail/Fax: 678-881-0007

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